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·【Quality Assurance】DZANIK clear band lashes are a new type of light, soft, non-shedding false eyelashes with excellent quality and the same effect as eyelash extensions.
·【Soft & Durable】Reusable, DZANIK false lashes stay curved for a long time, even with occasional squeezing without losing their curvature, soft and durable.
·【Natural length】 Each pair of eyelashes is composed of eyelashes with an 8mm- 14mm, which looks natural.
·【3D Fluffy Effect】These are 3D false eyelashes. The lashes look very attractive and dramatic.
·【Tips】DZANIK clear band lashes have longer clear stems to make it easier to remove the lashes from the tray without damaging the shape of the lashes, and to cut off the excess stems according to your eye shape to create your own perfect lashes.


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