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29 Jun Individual Lashes vs. Lash Extensions: What's The Best For You?
KSYOO Team 0 233
Lashes: Can We Live Without Them?We have all done it before. Picture this. Think about the times you were getting ready to go out with your girls for the night. You are all playing around, having fun and getting ready for a night you will never forget. Let the good times roll, right? Well, then you ..
16 Jun How to choose the right eyelashes?
KSYOO Team 0 199
Wearing false eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive, and the photos will look better, but there are many types of false eyelashes, how should you choose?  1. According to the material qualityThe hair quality of false eyelashes is a very important part, and also the most intuit..
20 Apr How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes to Suit Your Eye Shape?
KSYOO Team 0 1941
People often consider the shape of their eyes while applying false eyelashes. So, this guide is for those people that are unaware of the exact eye shape and which is the right lashes to suit their eye shapes.If you know your eye shape, Skip to our guide, and choose our false eyelash styles we recomm..
20 Apr How Do Eyelash Extensions Stay In Place After A Shower?
KSYOO Team 0 477
Done right, eyelash extensions can really amp up the appearance of your eyes. Juicy volume, dashing looks, charming winks. Are you ready to lose all that bliss with a single shower gone wrong? Neither are we!It’s true — eyelash extensions are not especially fond of water. Taking care of them in the ..
13 Apr How To Wear False Eyelashes With Glasses
KSYOO Team 0 1647
Whether you’re a full time glasses person, or you simply wear them for stylistic purposes or when you can’t be bothered with contacts, we understand you still want your lovely lashes.  The only real issue is that occasionally, the wrong pair of false eyelashes can drive you crazy while wearing your ..
06 Apr Mink Lashes Vs Synthetic Lashes
KSYOO Team 0 559
Wearing the right lashes will elevate your no-makeup makeup look. Effortless beauty is every girl’s dream, and having well-defined eyelashes will highlight your eyes. If you want a casual look on a busy day, false lashes are every smart girl’s solution. There are various false lashes available in th..
30 Mar How to Trim False Eyelashes
KSYOO Team 0 804
Every girl may have dozens or even more false eyelashes. The eyelashes have various styles and are suitable for wearing on different occasions. But do you know how to trim the eyelashes to make them blend with your eyes more perfectly? Here's how to trim eyelashes according to different eye shapes.1..
24 Mar How to clean the mink lashes?
KSYOO Team 0 430
About how to clean mink lashes, for some girls who use mink lashes every day, it is a waste to throw them away after using them once. So how can they clean the used mink lashes and use them again? Then you must follow the steps~1. Soak the cotton swab with eye discharge solution and make it very wet..
24 Mar Key points easily overlooked when wearing eyelashes
KSYOO Team 0 292
If you don't mention some steps, you will always be unclear. You don't understand why the lashes and glue bought by others are not as good as your big brand, but after wearing them, their lashes are naturally beautiful. Your lashes always feel very fake. See if you've overlooked these points.    Poi..
24 Mar How to apply false eyelash
KSYOO Team 0 351
Many people do not put on false eyelashes when they make up, they think it is too difficult to put on false eyelashes. In fact, it is not very difficult to put on false eyelashes. According to the makeup tutorial, step by step, they will put on natural and good-looking eyelashes.1. Cut your lashes t..
16 Mar How To Wear False Eyelashes Correctly?
KSYOO Team 0 314
How to wear eyelashes in the end, 6 steps to teach you how to wear eyelashes correctly, easy to learn!1. Measure the length of eyelashes:Make sure it fits your eye shape. If this piece needs to be cut, cut off the outer edge with a small nail clipper. This will avoid sagging in the corners (meaning:..
09 Mar Choose Your Favorite Lashes
KSYOO Team 0 326
Today, I want to talk more about the lashes I have used, including the material of lashes, the more easy-to-use and distinctive styles of all eyelashes I have brought, and the storage methods.When we talk about the material of lashes, the first thing we have to mention is the band, which can be divi..
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