Today, I want to talk more about the lashes I have used, including the material of lashes, the more easy-to-use and distinctive styles of all eyelashes I have brought, and the storage methods.

When we talk about the material of lashes, the first thing we have to mention is the band, which can be divided into: clear band lashes and black cotton band lashes.

Clear band lashes: It is very invisible after wearing. Whether the whole piece or cut into a single cluster, it can achieve a very ideal effect, and the shaping effect is good. It can have a radian that fits the eye shape when wearing.

Black Cotton band lashes: the band is black cotton. It can act as an outer eye liner, and there will be no reflection on the band. The advantage is very soft and comfortable to wear. It will also make the eyes more lively and vivid.

Next is my favorite lash style. I usually like natural style best. Whether it is plain face or make-up at daily work, you can wear it. The biggest advantage is that it can be like my own eyelashes, not too long, and it is convenient for me to wear glasses.

  SA008 (17mm) is a fluffy lightweight crisscross lash. Very soft and comfortable flexible band. There is no problem with daily wear.

  GT089 (17mm) is the perfect fluffy cat eye lash to glam up any look. Its most special feature is the short front and long back design, which has a sense of vitality.

  GT024 (15mm): an ultra wispy rounded lash with clusters varying in length, to give the illusion of a more opened brighter eye shape.

The above three are the three natural eyelashes I introduced to you. Is it also your favorite? But if you want your favorite eyelashes to last longer, you must protect them more. The correct storage can also increase the number of eyelashes to wear. After wearing eyelashes, I usually stick it on the original tray, so that the stem is not easy to deform and the curvature of eyelashes can be well maintained. Or I will put it in such a small storage box, which will not be flattened, but also at a glance, and quickly choose the eyelashes to wear every day.

That's all for today's summary of my favorite eyelashes. If you also have your own favorite lashes, you can tell me in the comment area. Thank you for reading, bye~