Many people do not put on false eyelashes when they make up, they think it is too difficult to put on false eyelashes. In fact, it is not very difficult to put on false eyelashes. According to the makeup tutorial, step by step, they will put on natural and good-looking eyelashes.

1. Cut your lashes to the length you want. You don't want to stick them into the inner corner of your eye.

2.  Apply eyelash glue to the roots, more on the ends as it comes off easily (if your hands shake, pour on a cotton swab) 

3. When the glue is half dry, look down and apply from the middle, then press the two ends. At this time, the glue is not completely dry, you can adjust the lashes to your satisfaction. Finish with your hands at all, and use eyeliner to cover the glue.

4. For false eyelash and former eyelash more stick, can brush one eyelash cream again.

It doesn't matter if there is no place that fits really, use black eye shadow or liquid eyeliner to fill in one, do not stick good place and unnatural place, also use other makeup articles to fill in one, let the union of false eyelashes look natural as a whole. But just remember to stick, pay attention to first determine the position ready to stick, put after slowly use tweezers stick.

A few mistakes that stick false eyelash: 

Myth 1: Apply false eyelashes first and then apply eyeliner  

NO! Before sticking false eyelash, must draw eyeliner first, and eyeliner must stick the root of eyelash to draw. Only draw the eyeliner first, when sticking false eyelashes can look for the correct position through the eyeliner so that all of a sudden can be stuck in place. 

Myth 2: Not using tools to adjust eyelashes  

NO! After affix false eyelash, must take advantage of glue to still have not completely coagulate before undertake position to adjust quickly with small forceps, press eyelash firmly in eyelid place with forceps at the same time.

Myth 3: Apply eye shadow before false lashes  

NO! Some girls like to paint eye shadow first and then stick false eyelashes, in fact, it is not good, if you paint eye shadow first and then stick false eyelashes, false eyelashes will not stick firmly.

According to these methods, you will be able to paste false eyelashes very well! Goodbye~