Wearing false eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive, and the photos will look better, but there are many types of false eyelashes, how should you choose?  

1. According to the material quality

The hair quality of false eyelashes is a very important part, and also the most intuitive can be observed. Not only that, the hair quality is the influencing factor to determine whether false eyelashes are comfortable to wear.  

Real mink: It's made from material close to our own lashes, soft to the touch and with an oily sheen, so it looks super natural when worn.

The silk lashes: This kind of false eyelash is artificial processing technology, so its bending degree is consistent, look neat and uniform, glossiness is certainly much higher;  It's also cheap, comes in a variety of styles and colors to choose from. 

The feather lashes: These types of false lashes are mostly used in stage theatre performances, but are rarely seen in everyday life.  They are usually made by combining animal feathers with fibrous eyelashes;  Animal feathers are softer and more shiny, which makes them attractive to wear 

  The colorful lashes: Its color type is a variety of diversiform, it is the color of metallic simple sense + bead light is tonal commonly, adorn the effect that gives is more cool dais, the false eyelash that fastens than common brunet is sucked fine.

2. According to the band material

Cotton band: made of cotton thread, relatively soft, comfortable on the eye, and not easy to open glue.

Transparent band: this style is made of transparent plastic, also called fish line stem. The top eye is invisible, and the makeup effect is the best one.  The softness is between woven and cotton, slightly enlarging the eyes, but not so much supporting the eyelids that it looks more natural.

Woven band: this kind of terrier pledges to fix every false eyelash very well, have thick black hard characteristic, can be bent arbitrarily so the shape that wants to achieve, support strength is very big.      

3. According to the styles shapes

Natural Short styles: This is the most everyday and natural one, suitable for any occasion and essential for commuting.  And it is similar to our real lashes in length, distance distribution and curl.

Long styles: This style will highlight the length of the middle part of the false eyelash, the pursuit of eyelash length jimei can choose, stage performance or is on the camera, photoshoot and so on is also very suitable.

Fully styles: since it is fully, that also is more massiness for certain, adorn the effect of the eye very obvious, suit the sister that the eye is bigger and more abstruse, perhaps it is collocation a bit thicker makeup look.

Above will analyze how to choose false eyelash according to 3 respects namely, false eyelash is chosen well, appear more temperamental more have spirit, collocation goes up eye makeup, the eye is more than magnify one times.