About how to clean mink lashes, for some girls who use mink lashes every day, it is a waste to throw them away after using them once. So how can they clean the used mink lashes and use them again? Then you must follow the steps~

1. Soak the cotton swab with eye discharge solution and make it very wet:

2. Gently wipe the root of eyelashes with a cotton swab:

3. Clean up the eye shadow and the remaining eyeliner and eyelash gel, gently press with your fingers. After about 30 seconds, remove it is very clean:

4. The removed false eyelashes and the root of false eyelashes are all glue:

5. Fold the cotton pad in half, wide on one side and narrow on the other:

6. Cut off the cotton pad:

7. Soak the cut cotton pad into the eyes and remove it:

8. Put the mink lashes on the wide half. Of course, the hair should be left slightly outside. Don't cover the whole piece of mink eyelashes. Remember, otherwise it may go out of shape:

9. Cover the narrow piece and apply it only to the root as much as possible:

10. Gently compact the root with your fingers and let the liquid soak the root as much as possible:

11. Bend the cotton piece and you can stand still. In this way, you can not only press it firmly, but also maintain the radian of eyelashes. Just put it on the table. The next thing to do is after the next day:

12. After 24 hours, gently uncover the cotton piece:

13. Gently hold the hair tip with the right hand, and pull out the glue at the root with the fingernail of the left hand, which will be separated very easily:

14. After separation, the root of the eyelashes is clean, leaving two pieces of glue on the cotton piece. It's done:

15. Put it back in the box for the next use:

That's the end of the detailed method for cleaning mink lashes. With these 15 steps you can double the number of times you use your mink lashes! How else do you think it needs to be done?