Every girl may have dozens or even more false eyelashes. The eyelashes have various styles and are suitable for wearing on different occasions. But do you know how to trim the eyelashes to make them blend with your eyes more perfectly? Here's how to trim eyelashes according to different eye shapes.

1. Hold the lash up to your eye to measure the correct fit.

Looking in the mirror, place the lash just above your natural lashes. Line it up so the inner edge is at the innermost part of your eyelid and the outer edge extends past your lid.

2. Pinch the false lash with tweezers where you want to start cutting. 

Grip the lash tight between your thumb and forefinger at the point where the outer end lines up with the outer edge of your natural lashes. Then, keeping your grip in that spot, move the lash away from your eye and mark where you want to make the cut by squeezing it hard with your tweezers. Squeezing the lash with your tweezers will make a little dent in the lash so you know exactly where to cut it.

3. Measure the other eye and mark where you want to make the cut. 

It’s really common for people to have to have one eye bigger than the other. To make sure your lashes fit both eyes perfectly, measure and mark each lash individually.

4. Trim the lashes at the pinch marks with sharp scissors. 

Hold the lash tightly between your thumb and forefinger so that it does not slip. Then, simply snip the lashes on the mark you made with the tweezers using small, sharp scissors.

It's a good idea to cut a little longer than you think you need because if your measurement was wrong, you can always go a little shorter, but you can’t go long after you’ve made the cut.

Cut the outer corner of the lashes so you get a nice gradual flare coming from the inner corner of your eye.

5. Test the fit by measuring the lashes again. Hold the lashes up to your eyes as though you were applying them and check to make sure that they line up where you want them. With the inner part of the lash nestled up against the inner part of your eyelid, the outer part should not extend past your natural lashes.

6. Cut the lashes more if needed. 

If after you've remeasured the lashes the outer edge still extends farther than you want, it's easy to fix with another little cut. Just line up the lashes again to gauge how much more you need to cut off.

It’s best to cut a little at a time and repeat the process rather than cut too much off the lashes and ruin them.