How to wear eyelashes in the end, 6 steps to teach you how to wear eyelashes correctly, easy to learn!

1. Measure the length of eyelashes:

Make sure it fits your eye shape. If this piece needs to be cut, cut off the outer edge with a small nail clipper. This will avoid sagging in the corners (meaning: no more lashes poking your eyeballs).

2. Bend false eyelashes:

Take the edge of the lashes and bend inwards to create a "C" shape and hold for a few seconds. This is the best way to take the straightness and make sure it molds, our eye shape is curvilinear, it will be more convenient to wear.

3. Squeeze glue on false eyelashes:

Using high-quality glue, you can put more glue. (It is recommended to avoid glue that comes with your lashes). If your hands are steady, you can squeeze straight from the tube onto the steel strip. If it is unstable, a simple trick: squeeze the glue in one place and dip it with a pair of tweezers, as shown in the picture:

4. Wait for the glue to become sticky:

Wait ten seconds or so for the glue to become sticky (you can also blow it gently in the air).

5. Wearing lashes:

Aim at the top of your lashes without touching the eyelid. The glue dries well, so don't worry about sticking elsewhere. Wear false eyelashes with both hands. As shown in the figure:

6. Fill the gap:

If you see gaps between your lashes and lids, don't worry! You don't need to re-wear, just fill in the gap and hide it with a matte black eyeshadow as liner. This step also helps the glue dry faster.

Learn these 6 steps, wearing eyelashes is so simple, have you learned?