If you don't mention some steps, you will always be unclear. You don't understand why the lashes and glue bought by others are not as good as your big brand, but after wearing them, their lashes are naturally beautiful. Your lashes always feel very fake. See if you've overlooked these points.
Point 1: There is no measure of length
At the beginning, you have done such a foolish thing, directly sticking a long lash to the root of your eyelashes, without considering whether your eye radian matches this lash. Finally, the front and rear ends are too long and look uncomfortable all day. So look in the mirror, put the lashes above the eyes, compare the length, then estimate the approximate length, and then trim the front and rear ends with small scissors. Come a little, don't be anxious. Cut out the length suitable for your eyes and wear it more naturally.

Point 2: Eyeliner sequence
The make-up artist will paint the eyeliner before putting on the model, and then place the eyeliner on the eyeliner to stick the lash, so that it can be pasted in place so that the lashes are not separated from the real eyelashes. Many girls ignore this, which affects the beauty of lashes after pasting. Correct it in time and see if you will be surprised if you take the correct order next time!

Point 3: The use of glue
Many girls don't know how to use glue. Some girls have a thick layer of white glue at the root of lashes. What is this situation? Instead of being beautiful, it is ugly. First, whether the glue becomes transparent after solidification. If you are not an expert, prepare a glue that becomes transparent after coating, or a black glue. so as to avoid similar embarrassing situations. Second, a girl complained to me that every time she stuck lashes, the glue would stick to her real eyelashes. What's the reason? When applying lash glue, don't stick it immediately. When the glue is half dry, it will be the most vicious and won't stick to other places. You can blow a little at the glue and it's almost done. Third, where does the glue stick? Is it on the lashes or the root of the real eyelashes. A better way is to apply a thin layer on the lashes and three important points on the root of the real eyelashes, that is, at the corner of the eye, above the middle of the eye and at the end of the eye. The three points are sticky and stable, and the lashes will not fall off for a day.

Pay attention to the above three points when wearing eyelashes. I believe you will become more beautiful when wearing eyelashes. Let's learn quickly!