Choose false eyelashes styles, the person who taught me this trick has been wearing false eyelashes for almost 20 years. I'm pretty sure it's useful and very time-saving. It can help you finish makeup quickly before the party or daily working days. I will divide the content into two parts and update these tutorials continuously.

Be sure to choose false eyelashes that suit your makeup. 

For example, natural but dense styles like GT612 & GT815 with light makeup. Many of my friends asked me how to buy these two eyelashes before. Remember to prepare a small pair of scissors and cut off the unnecessary parts after comparing the eye lengths. Will make the makeup more delicate. 

And don't forget to tear off the excess glue at the bottom of eyelashes before applying glue. I'll talk about the tips for choosing glue later.

How to prevent false eyelashes from falling off?

You can cut false eyelashes in two. Wear false eyelashes at the end of your eyes first. Then wear false eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye.

If you don't want to cut the whole false eyelash, you can try to apply eyelash glue in different ways.

Glue is very important. Choose good glue. If it is thick and fluffy eyelashes, such as IS028, IS002, GT030...apply a layer of glue first. Then blow to half dry.
Wait a minute. Don't put on false eyelashes in a hurry. Apply another layer of eyelash glue. Apply evenly to the entire eyelash stem. It can last all day on your eyes.
Here's another trick. If you don't want to apply too heavy glue, the first layer of glue can be applied to the top of the false eyelash stem. Wait for the eyelash glue to dry to a transparent color. Try to stick to the correct position at one time. Otherwise, it's hard to tear it off. This method is more suitable for thin eyelashes, such as the SA series. I like the SA series so much. Although those are short eyelashes.

Question 2
How to remove makeup without damaging false eyelashes?

Prepare two cotton swabs. Soak two cotton swabs thoroughly with eye and lip makeup remover.
Put two cotton swabs on the false eyelash stem and gently press the eyelash stem. Eyelash stems soaked with makeup remover will easily fall off.
We'll talk about cleaning false eyelashes next week. Remember to check the article update, guys.