How to paste lashes for beginners? Simple steps for beginners to get started easily

Lashes can make eyes vivid, enlarge eyes, and give you electric eyes. For beginners, it is difficult to paste faux mink  lashes, and it is easy to stick badly. So how can beginners lash?

STET1: First of all, take out a lash, put the lashes on the eyes, and calculate the appropriate length;

STET2: Cut off the excess parts at both ends of lashes and maintain the length of lashes; 

STET3: Squeeze the glue on the back of your hand, then dip the glue at the bottom of the tweezers and scrape it on the lash stem. Pay attention to a little more glue on both ends of lashes, because both ends are easy to warp up;

STET4: Sit for 30 seconds and let it be killed, so that it will be more sticky. Now it will slide everywhere if it is sticky. While waiting, you can curl your eyelashes first. In this way, real and lashes can have the same curvature;

STET5: The key point of wearing lashes is to lift the chin and turn the lashes up. Put the lashes above your eyelashes first, just put them away and don't stick them on the first;

STET6: Then clamp the end of the lashes with tweezers and stick it, and then clamp the front end to stick it. Then press the lashes in with your fingers to ensure that the middle part is also glued together;

STET7: Then scrape the lashes up with your fingers, so that the eyelashes are upward and the eyes will be bigger and more vivid.

These are the tips for wearing eyelashes, how about it, is it easy? Buy your favorite eyelashes right away and become more vivid!

Sophia & Skye