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09 Mar Why are False Eyelashes so Popular?
KSYOO Team 0 317
The classic age-old saying “eyes are the window to the soul” is prevalent in today’s society with false eyelashes dominating the makeup scene.False eyelashes are sold everywhere from dedicated beauty stores to drugstores to even gas stations. They amplify the eyes and produce a feminine sultry vibe ..
02 Mar Some Eyelash Tips
KSYOO Team 0 352
Choose false eyelashes styles, the person who taught me this trick has been wearing false eyelashes for almost 20 years. I'm pretty sure it's useful and very time-saving. It can help you finish makeup quickly before the party or daily working days. I will divide the content into two parts and update..
02 Mar 【Wear Lashes】Simple Steps For Beginners To Get Started Easily
KSYOO Team 0 225
How to paste lashes for beginners? Simple steps for beginners to get started easilyLashes can make eyes vivid, enlarge eyes, and give you electric eyes. For beginners, it is difficult to paste faux mink  lashes, and it is easy to stick badly. So how can beginners lash? STET1: First of all, take out ..
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